Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Today – the date of the signing association agreements between Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and the European Union, could become a historic day for these countries. In a legally binding way they commit to change almost everything in their law. They do it voluntarily, although they are aware of the incredible pressure of the Russian Federation,… » read more

Something very bad happens when some unknown perpetrators start to set the tone of a political game. During the uprising in Maidan these unknown perpetrates were kidnaping, torturing and detaining supporters of the riots. Yanukovych authority was then against the protesters and the unknown perpetrators were acting in its interest. Although people of the impeached… » read more

Crimea’s takeover by Russia made some politicians think the following: If they (Russia) behave the same way as during the Cold War or even worse, let us isolate ourselves from them. Let us deploy the army on the Ukrainian-Russian border, let us impose sanctions on them – sanctions that would not bother us. And finally,… » read more

First own goals

Winners of the revolution in Kiev sometimes behave as if they did not understand how complex and delicate their position is. Those, who wish them well, suffer the most when they see another own goals shot by them. Yesterday’s behaviour of a deputy from Svoboda in a public television was simply obnoxious and stupid. A… » read more

The coming years or even decades will probably be described as something similar to ‘cold peace’. 18 March 2014 will become a symbolic date of new era. Surrounded by Russian elite, Vladimir Putin signed its foundations. Russia is de facto withdrawing from all agreements which resulted in Euro-Asian order after the fall of Iron Curtain… » read more

I would like to recommend you an article of Yaroslav Mendus, my Ukrainian adviser and a former deputy to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The text was published in the online Ukrainian newspaper “Obozrevatel” – Marek Siwiec. If it is forbidden, but you want it very much – then you can do it. Russian expression As… » read more

Russian will play “Ukrainian game” on multiple fronts simultaneously. Using an old technique – 3 steps forward and half step back – they want to create fait accompli to get their way. Military area Not even one shot was fired but Crimea is de facto occupied. Some people, well-armoured, without bars on their uniforms, appeared… » read more

I would like to recommend to you an article by the Members of the Board of Yalta European Strategy (YES) calling upon Russia and the European Union to „support harmonious economic development of Ukraine”. Marek Siwiec Yalta European Strategy (YES) is the largest social institution of public diplomacy in Eastern Europe, providing an open and… » read more

I ma trying no to compare Ukraine 2014 and Poland 1989. Different times, different geopolitics and different people. I must admit, however, that there are some similarities. The following months in Ukraine might resemble the times of Tadeusz Mazowiecki’s governance in Poland: there was a majority in Sejm, frightened opposition from former Polish United Worker’s… » read more

Day after

For the last several hours I have been trying to settle up my thoughts about what is happening in Ukraine. I would like to share a few remarks which will hopefully help readers understand the situation in our neighbouring country. The agreement entered into by Sikorski- Steinmeier- Yanukovych- Yatseniuk- Klitschko- Tiahnybok on Friday initiated “a… » read more