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The Appleminded

… are those who are crazy about the products with the “bitten” apple. We are not the usual gadget-addicted, the appleminded is so much more!

When Apple announces a presentation of a new product, just as they did yesterday, everybody is awaiting it like a child’s birth. And then the exchange begins: Have you seen? What is new and better in it? And in general everyone is dominated by one thought – how to replace the old iPad by the new one? And for how much? Those in the US are cheaper but not everyone has the chance to make a purchase there. But this year they will arrive to Poland shortly after the American premiere. Even in March.

There is a strange sort of magic that this product creates. Usually, the great American TVs collect millions of dollars for showing a product. In the case of iPad the interest is so great that the new model is shown to millions of people for free.

And one more thing. Steve Job’s successor Tim Cook during his presentation could not, of course, beat the master, but it went well.

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  1. I am not saying Apple products are not of good quality, but it is definitely more successful than it would be without better marketing. It is the brand that makes such a fuss… all is an issue of prestige, if you own something Apple, you are higher on the social lather. Others, like Samsung or HTC are also good, just not so very popular.

    It is just like that joke: What is the difference between a squirrel and a rat?
    The squirrel is better at marketing.

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