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When the USSR dissolved, old national feuds, previously referred to as simple territorial demands, revived in an unexpected way. Under such circumstances newly independent Armenia captured Nogorno-Karabakh, that had been a part of Azerbaijan for a while, and holds it until now. To the applause of the OSCE Minsk group (USA, Russia, France, Turkey, Germany,… » read more

Polish Minister Radoslaw Sikorski asked with a dramatic tone in the newspaper Le Monde why the European political class criticises Victor Orban and forgives his socialist predecessor. By the way, he explicitly supports the Hungarian leader and his politics, citing, among others, the 1,000 years of history and common kings. Before the Polish Foreign Minister… » read more

Yesterday in the European Parliament’s plenary room everyone agreed in one case – they praised Viktor Orban’s decision to arrive in an emergency mode to Strasbourg. But then, there were only differences. It has been known for a long time that the right wing, with some reservations, but generally accepts Prime Minister’s policy. From liberals… » read more