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When William Browder, a grandson of an American Communist and a former presidential candidate Earl Browder, decided to invest in Russia in 1996, everything seemed rather easy. The fund registered in London was thriving with its assets reaching $4billion in a short time. The profits were so high that more than $200 million tax was… » read more

We got used to the impressive results of the Chinese economy. And we are not the only ones. A bit in the shadow of the giant there is Russia, where also interesting things are going on. When Vladimir Putin ended the election festival, he began to speak specifically about the economy. He promised facilities for… » read more

For a long time the public opinion in the world believed that in Russia there were two roles written out: Putin – the tough guy, and Medvedev – the liberal. The recent demonstrations have supposedly created additional reasons supporting this thesis. I do not believe it. The two men are playing exactly the same card… » read more

Variants for Russia

Imagine that, what was inevitable, Putin becomes a candidate of the United Russia for the President of the country. The rivalry ends in the same way as it began – in the caste of power. However, Dmitry Medvedev doesn’t become the Prime Minister, but he goes to the parliament and tries to do what he… » read more