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Hello World!

As a new blogger to, in my first post I’d like to introduce myself and my topics of interest. I’ve been blogging since May 2006, first on my website, and then on the platform My blogging adventure started from a fascination with the Internet: this medium is different than the others – it’s entirely free and interactive. My children, Ewa and Maciek, helped me out at the start by giving me valuable advice: “you should write on your own and preferably everyday”.

For me, as a politician, a blog is a perfect tool to speak out on things that strike me in political life. I’m particularly involved in the matters of Eastern Partnership but I also comment on defence policy and other topics related to international affairs as well as politics of my country (especially now when I’m supporting my colleagues from the Democratic Left Alliance during electoral campaign in Poland).

Until recently, my posts were intended for the Polish-speaking audience. Lately I decided to share my content with the international public, hoping that it will prove interesting not only for my compatriots. Some of my previous entries in English can be found here.

I promise a fresh dose of opinion and criticism practically everyday and I invite you to share your views by posting comments.

Wish you inspiring and pleasant reading!

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  1. Congratulations! It’s always great to decide and reach out to wider audiences and be ready to discuss your ideas and comments.

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