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Two days ago I reproached the Commissioner on Budget and Financial Programming Janusz Lewandowski that his activity for the Polish party Civic Platform in the electoral campaign violates the Treaty of Lisbon. It’s about his participation in a short TV clip of the party, together with the President of the EP Jerzy Buzek, Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk and Minister of Foreign Affairs Radoslaw Sikorski, in which they promise to help Poland get more EU money. Asked about the matter by reporters, he said that he got permission from the head of the European Commission. It is strange, because when a Commission spokeswoman was asked for it, she said over and over again that “maybe he got”, but the very TV clip President Barroso has not seen.

The foreign media have also taken an interest in the case, so that they are trying to analyze the performance of the “four musketeers” in terms of a possible breach of the Treaty.

I’m also not denying that I became popular among MEPs, especially among of those from the new countries. They calculate nervously that if we should get 300 billion zlotys [€69 billion], and that this is promised publicly by their EU Commissioner, then which leavings of the lordly table will remain for them?

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  1. Dear Marek Siwiec,
    On 30 June, Bulgarian EU Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva said on natiional ratio that Bulgaria will receive 10-15% more from the next long-term budget than before. I copy-paste a link below to an article by the biggest Bulgarian daily Trud.
    Basically there is no difference in essence from what Lewandowski said, except for the fact that she is not reponsible for EU budget.
    Basically many commissioners like to please their national audiences and political centrals, it’s not just Lewandowski.
    And this is wrong, of course.
    As an MEP, maybe you will do something about it?
    Kind regards,

  2. And President Barroso still hasn’t commented on that? The responsibility lies with him.
    In the Code of Conduct for the Commissioners it is clearly said that “In respect of the principle of independence that must guide the performance of their duties, Commissioners should abstain from making public statements or interventions on behalf of any political party or trade union of which they are members, except where they are standing for election.
    (…)If they intend to stand for election and to play an active role in the election campaign, they must withdraw from the work of the Commission for the entire period of active implication and at least for the duration of the campaign” ( )
    Such thing shouldn’t be let go.

  3. Dear Georgi and Juri,
    Thank you for your comments! I definitely agree that such practices are wrong and shouldn’t be let go. I’ve already taken an action – on Wednesday I sent an official letter to President Barroso in which I addressed to him 3 questions:
    “- Did you give consent to Mr Lewandowski for his participation in the paid commercial spot? If so, how exactly was his question formulated?
    – Does the Commissioner’s statement in the commercial (“We’re talking about billions, even 300 billions zloty. Thanks to this money we could reduce youth unemployment, even by half”) correspond to the subject of your consent?
    – On which basis the President of the European Commission interprets the Treaty?”

    Now let’s wait for his reaction…

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