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Politicians dream of nice pictures… of themselves, of course. The unattainable model was represented by Soviet leaders (imitated today in a modern version by Putin), but the beloved leader Kim Il Sung beat all of them.

In 1989 I was at the festival of youth and students in Pyongyang. At every step, in publications, museums, on large posters you could watch the chief. The picture that most stuck in my mind was the one of Kim Il Sung looking away, his right hand pointing the way (of development, I guess), his left hand stroking a group if children while others (workers, farmers and someone with glasses) are listening to him attentively.

Until yesterday, I thought that in my country such kitsch is not to be done. And yet…

Under this millennial oak the headman arrived. Following the example of kings and knights, he wanted to renew and strengthen his forces before the war. Penny ere now generously showered in order to protect the ancient oak. He promised to build an arch above it for the tree’s eternal protection. Spoke to his own people kindly, promised care day and night’s, as he protected the old twisted branches. The woman at his side stood modestly and recalled her youthful years, as the oak was the place for walks and youthful sighs. Uniformed warriors thanked the ruler for his kindness and wished success.

Nice? Nice. And certainly nicer than wrangling with football fans and consoling desperate women.

PS. Immediately afterwards the Prime Minister went to antenatal classes in order to convince Poles that it’s good to have children. And right now he is again on the screen – this time with a power station. At least until the elections we will not run out of electricity.

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  1. This kind of ridiculous propaganda will always be present because there’s one depressing quality to it – it manages to work. Even though on the conscious level we see the cheesy, lame side of it, it does engrave itself in our subconscious so that we unwillingly relate all the desired qualities to the person presented. The chairman is obviously not ashamed of using pathetic ways to try and get into our heads. The only hope is that some of us are smart enough to avoid being tricked.

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