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This picture is a must see, but to understand its message it is necessary to tap into such sources as Wikipedia and read what jihad is. In general, but also in the context of the relations between Islamic fundamentalists and Israel.

There are at least two organizations that preach jihad as a holy war against the state of Israel. The war is directed against all unbelievers but Israel is the closest and the most persecuted target. All the anti-Israel demonstrations are equipped with green banners. As for the suicidal people killing civilians – if they could, they would wear green robes as well.

Eleven football players from Israel saw yesterday a huge banner that in the poetics of jihad, and therefore a religious holy war, was supposed to cheer the players of “Legia Warsaw” to victory. This is terrible because sport, though important, cannot be driven up so brutally. I always opposed the hooligans’ insolence, but sometimes their slogans made me laugh. Today, probably because of ignorance, they put themselves, the capital football club, but also our country on the wrong side of the barricade. Shame. Shame and anger.

Some alternative images come to mind. Imagine that during the return match in Israel a group of local football fans places there a banner saying “NO to Polish concentration camps” or “We will avenge Jedwabne!”. Perhaps some day we could also come across a German band of which right-wing fans would write on a large flag with beautiful Gothic letters “Boys, to victory!”.

I expect that the yesterday’s behaviour of the Warsaw’s hooligans will be condemned by the Polish authorities and public opinion.

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  1. Firstly let me congratulate you on the fully fledged English version of your famous blog; I enjoy reading it daily. I wanted to express those to you in person, however time is passing, so my wishes come online. EurActive has handpicked and selected of the most exclusive ones – their choice should be lauded.
    Marek, you always raise to our awareness – us, simple European citizens, issues of great interest and sometime grave concern, covering local, regional, national, European and International topics, in a condensed, transparent and direct manner. Dziekuje
    On this specific provocation, has there been any reaction?

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