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Steve Jobs

My son called me this morning. He asked if I had heard about the death of Steve Jobs. I had. He said he felt like if someone close was gone. I feel the same way.

For several years we have wondered along with the rest of the world what was the phenomenon of this man. Special editions of newspapers and books were written on it. It is very difficult to say something new.

For me and my generation, the role of Steve Jobs lies in the fact that he paved the trail of the world of science to people who grew up without computer. Or vice versa. He has introduced informatics into our lives. Computers have become understandable, friendly, cooperative and – most important – present, always at hand. Anyone who uses an iPhone, iPad or a thin MacBook Air knows it very well.

My first contact with computer science took place at university, in 1979. To obtain correlation between experimental data, I had to introduce laboriously the data to the WANG computer. When I look back at those moments and I compare it with the wonders created by Jobs, I can see a fantastic revolution in which I could participate.

I read his biography this morning. It turned out that he was my age and the same zodiac sign. His illness and fight constitute another inspiration for millions of people, but this is a different story…

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  1. He was not a man. He was a wizard. He changed lives of millions of people. R.I.P.

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