Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Shame and anger

I am not going to repeat assessments of results of my party, Democratic Left Alliance (SLD), in the Polish parliamentary elections, which can be read in every newspaper. Especially that they are very similar. I just want to say what a man feels after 20 years of involvement in politics when he sees such results of his party.

I am ashamed and I feel angry.

I am ashamed that we lost potential in these elections, a potential that gives the Left much more that 15% of the vote. We have been beaten by one man who used our slogans – Janusz Palikot. He gained more credibility than a political party with two decades of experience, with achievements, led by Grzegorz Napieralski.

I am ashamed that the youth from the Democratic Left Alliance, which drew the campaign, did not manage to gain the support of young people at the polls. Finally, I am ashamed that after 20 years the history comes full circle and the only positive signal is the entrance to the Parliament… Sorry, back then we had a baggage of communism but we gained 13% and 60 seats.

Hence the anger. The chance has been wasted.

There is no time to play wise guy saying what will come next, but the future of the Democratic Left Alliance will be determined by results and conclusions. The results we already know.

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