Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

It seems the Polish Prime Minister has become big-headed. His proposition of a mechanical continuation of the government’s composition has nothing to do with the essence of elections – the changes. Besides, it does not comply with the Constitution. I suppose it will continue in this way for the rest of the parliamentary term – rapidly, only scratching the surface, because “we are on top”.

Meanwhile… the Ukrainian affairs are going wrong. Tonight the European Parliament at the plenary session will discuss, in an extraordinary procedure, the consequences of sentencing the Ukrainian Prime Minister to seven years of prison. I expect the worst, which is the proposal to suspend the Association Agreement negotiations because all the attempts of discrete pressure have had little effect.

Since yesterday different institutions and ministries have spoken. I is expected that institutions respond as well. We will hear about sovereign country, independent courts and transparent procedures. Day by day it will be harder to find a compromise. The absurdity of the situation lies in the fact that if Yulia Tymoshenko has committed a crime (a bribe for a contract), today she is considered by the European People’s Party as a prisoner of conscience. It is justified since the real cause of her troubles is politics.

We will see what happens.

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  1. the Ukrainians still hope that at least the apellate court will give the answer to this shameful situation…

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