Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

This year is passing under the sign of the European Neighbourhood Policy – the two reports, the summit in Warsaw, numerous seminars and conferences. One of the successes, not so easy to achieve, was the maintenance of the ENP consistency towards the East and the South.

Today in Madrid one of such conferences is taking place. If there was no blockade at the Warsaw airport, I would have opened the event together with representatives of the Polish and the Spanish governments. I hope I will make it at least in the afternoon.

The conference is organised by the Polish embassy with stron participation of the NGOs and the Spanish government. I am going there to show the hosts that the common implementation of the European project towards the East and the South really does make sense. Some positive conclusions can be drawn from the experience of the East. Despite the known complications, the construction of democracy is moving forward there. The South, in other geo-political reality, is trying to do the same.

Once, a journalist asked me about the similarities and differences between the processes taking place in the North Africa and the former Soviet Union. Three things seem to be most important:

  • religious factor, dominant in the Arab countries,
  • market economy, which is developed there,
  • there is no “local Russia” that would seek the favour of any of the Northern African countries.
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