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Prime Minister Papandreou was playing badly last week, but he managed to end with a good and strong move. Instead of a referendum the public will solve the same dilemma in general elections that will take place in three months. This means that the demagogic campaign, which usually accompanies referendum, will be replaced by a serious political debate. Anyone who wins this election will have a strong mandate to hold an unpopular fight against the crisis. Until then, the authority will hold the interim government, whose decisions will go to the account of the two rival parties.

George Papandreou may be a victim in this game, because there have to be some sacrifice. Anyone who comes after him, will do the same, but at the same time convincing the public that the current prime minister would have done worse. Just like in life.

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  1. Dear Marek,
    Do you really think Papandreou played his cards knowing what he was doing?
    Are you considering going to Greece to campaign for PASOK?
    If you go, I hope you will blog from there ; )
    Kind regards,

  2. Dear Georgi,
    I think Papandreou has been scared off and he could simply not propose the referendum.

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