Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Glass 1 / 4 full

Yesterday morning was marked by the votes on Ukraine and the Eastern Partnership. At this stage only the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs voted, but the wording adopted is close to what will go to the plenary session in December.

The main battle concerned the European Parliament’s position towards the Association Agreement that is negotiated with Ukraine. In other words, whether the European Parliament supports the signing of the Association Agreement at the December summit.

We, MEPs, expressed earlier that the association of the EU and Ukraine must be preceded, roughly speaking, by Yulia Tymoshenko’s release from prison. This condition has been repeated in yesterday’s paper. Using a modified version of the well-known saying – the glass is now full of just under 1 / 4. That means the chances of a successful finale exist, but they are getting smaller and smaller.

President of Ukraine had often an opportunity to hear the opinion of Western leaders that criminal liability for erroneous political decisions is a practice not used anymore by all EU countries. And Ukraine is still following the code from the 60’s.

The Summit will be very difficult, I suppose.

PS: Yesterday, the Ukrainian parliament adopted a new electoral law. Half of the MPs will be elected under a proportional representation system and half in majority constituencies. The electoral threshold was raised from 3 to 5% and blocs of political parties were banned from participation in elections. It seems to me that this is an area of ​a ​new row.

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