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News at the Dnieper

Today I am spending the whole day in the Supreme Council of Ukraine. The situation is well-known… The final of the association negotiations is approaching but the fact that Yulia Tymoshenkois in prison can effectively hinder the initialling of the agreement during the summit of February 19th.

A few days ago the Supreme Council of Ukraine adopted a new electoral law. To be brief – the Ukrainian people have returned to the electoral law from before the Orange Revolution. Half of the MPs will be elected by proportional vote and half in the minority constituencies. 360 Members, representatives of practically all the parties in the Supreme Council, were on favour of such a solution. In addition, the electoral threshold was raised from 3% to 5%.

When I asked one of the opposition leaders, Roman Zvarych, where such a broad support for the new-old law comes from, he answered that the adopted electoral law gives each party the opportunity to fully control the counting of votes and to prevent electoral frauds.

My doubts are not dispelled, but it seems that the next parliamentary elections will be like those under President Leonid Kuchma. But this time with a wide support of all.

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  1. taking into account that some recommendations of the Venice Commission on this law were just omitted I have to say that Ukrainian authority surprises the European society more and more every day.. so sorry for Ukrainian people, but they should judge only themselves if you understand what I mean..

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