Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

If the next month of the EU-Ukraine relations looks like it is imagined by Deputy Andrij Klujew, it will be fine. He believes, in fact, that the association agreement will be signed for the glory of Ukraine and the EU.

He does not provide any “plan B”, believing that “either now, or never”.

Maby this is a simplistic view but something’s up. As a result of an arduous work that took 3 and a half year, we have got an agreement of over 1500 pages, which covers 60% of legislation necessary for EU membership. Almost 2/3.

The closer the summit, the more there are political games, intrigues and trial balloons. Can the summit take place at a lower level? Or without initialling the agreement? Or without President Yanukovych? Etc., etc.

The big final is coming up.

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