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The hard game

I wrote many times that in Ukraine takes a strange game in which the stake is the rapprochement with the EU. If anyone thinks that President Komorowski, who is in Kiev today, may influence his hosts concerning Yulia Tymoshenko’s case, they are wrong. None of the attempts of pressure made by Polish and Western politicians did have any effect.

Why are Yanukovych and his team so stubborn? There are several reasons. According to many Ukrainians, Yulia Tymoshenko simply deserved the prison. There was no such survey but I can assume that about half of Ukrainians thinks that the former Prime Minister is guilty, even though most of them would like to see her release. After the opposition leader was stopped, crowds in Kiev did not take to the streets. The camp near the Pecherskyi District Court is small and politically insignificant. In Tymoshenko’s fractions things are not going well either. It was left by a dozen of members, though in this single case there was no pressure from the Party of Regions. If we add to this the new electoral law, supported by all the political forces, we have the overall picture of the situation: life goes on.

It does not mean, however, that Yanukovych’s policy has a full support and that he can continue to tranquilly hold the office. The Regions want to use the process in order to eliminate Tymoshenko from political life. You can therefore expect that at some moment she will be deprived of voting rights so that she cannot participate in the next parliamentary elections. Then, there will be no obstacles to release her from prison. It is sad and cynical, but true.

For many years Tymoshenko had been a member of the Ukrainian East family. She played hard, just like others are playing with her today. However, the majority of Ukrainian people do not want to play this game. They want Europe.

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  1. Dear Marek,
    To begin with, I’d like to thank you for your considerable attempts to support European aspirations of Ukrainian people.
    Let me to inform you that there were a number of surveys in Ukraine concerning Tymoshenko`s case. One of them has revealed the following.
    Despite the fact that the majority of Ukrainians (46%) considered Tymoshenko to be rather guilty of the alleged crimes (against 34% thinking the opposite), her imprisonment was supported only by 24% of Ukrainians. The majority of those polled considered that the criminal case against the former prime minister should be stopped (42%) or that the sentence should be mitigated (11%).
    Please, read more here:

  2. Dear Volodymyr,

    Thank you for the statistics, I will keep them in mind for the future.


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