Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Yesterday in Strasbourg Prime Minister Donald Tusk concluded the Polish Presidency saying more or less the same thing as for its inauguration. But in reality of December, those words sounded more dramatic.

The text is well-known, so are the reactions. Among the speakers, the one who stuck most in my memory was Martin Schulz who said that Donald Tusk with his views could be a social democrat. It got funny, especially that Wojtek Olejniczak offered Pawel Gras a similar thing.

The rank of a speech is measured by the number of people in the room. At the time of voting the attendance is 100%, during debates at 11:00 p.m.- 1%, and the Prime Minister received some 15%. Not bad for such a debate. Concerning Tusk’s court, it is interesting that in his closest entourage there were: Minister Nowak (roads, railways), Arabski (the chancellery) and Ostachowicz (good impression).

But leaving the rumours aside – Donald Tusk asked the European Parliament to become a “constituent assembly” of the new Europe. And this is what the next 2,5 year of the parliamentary term will be about. Martin Schulz as the new President of the EP will not lose such an opportunity.

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  1. Everybody likes Donald.
    But everybody liked Nicolas during the French EU Presidency in 2008.
    Both were very good, for six months.
    I wish that Donald would prove me wrong.

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