Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

First, let me cite two quotations:


Question: So, is this mythical sum of €80 billion for Poland within the cohesion policy real?

Answer: (…) The estimates are correct, but we know that the atmosphere prior to this discussion is simply terrible. Therefore I would caution against promising any sums.


The greatest danger is that the negotiations would get drawn out and the new budget would not be approved before 2014. If it is adopted, it will include the cohesion policy, which means that we will get the money. However, if the negotiations get drawn out, in 2014 it may turn out that the EU has no budget for 2014-202 and then what? No one is now able to answer because such a thing never happened before.

Nice? Very nice. Sounds like a typical statement of Democratic Left Alliance’s representative after watching the memorable TV spot with the participation of the four musketeers (Tusk, Buzek, Sikorski, Lewandowski). Except that the first statement was made by the Secretary of State in the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mikolaj Dowgielewicz (daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita, January 4th) and the second sentence comes from the constitutional minister Elzbieta Bienkowska and appeared in the same newspaper. Let me just remind that the Commissioner Lewandowski apologised earlier for his part in the film.

The Polish TV spot from the election campaign is still very popular amongst MEPs. I wonder if it helps in the difficult negotiations. I am curious whether it builds a coalition of the poor against the doubts of the rich? It is curious in general , because the government representatives, without names, criticise the Prime Minister…

They owe us something – either apologies, or resignations of the unruly ministers.


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  1. Once upon a time I had a dream…Prime Minister and the government DID something. That was a good dream,but that was also a mission impossible.

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