Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

The European Union’s diplomacy – European External Action Service was launched a year ago. Commentators state unanimously that its biggest, and unfortunately the only success, is that it was created at all. More than 1,500 officials from the European Commission and the Council were suddenly transferred to the new entity without structure, clear competences and a distinctive chief. You can imagine how a professional behaves in these conditions. What he does, and namely – what he does not do.

Catherine Ashton was appointed as an inexpressive person and she fully found herself in this role. It is said that the only person in the world that willingly works with her is Hillary Clinton. Quite little for a structure with 137 foreign offices.

It was expected that an ideal opportunity for the EEAS to spring up will be the war in Libya. After all, the task was European – militarily and politically. It happened, however, without a visible participation of Lady Ashton’s team. The idea of “deep democracy”, which she preached on this occasion, sounded attractive but it has nothing to do with the fiery passions of nations absorbed by revolution.

Catherine Ashton and her team will remain until the end of the term. There are only 2,5 years left.

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