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The prose of life

Last week the Polish media were full of information about the purges that the Minister of Foreign Affairs intends to do. I do not know how many ambassadors will finally go back to the country. One thing is certain – the will be a vacancy for the post at the Permanent Representation to the EU.

The current ambassador Jan Tombinski arrived in Brussels after long labour pains. His predecessor Marek Grela, a man of extraordinary merit for the Polish accession to the EU, resigned at the hand of Minister Anna Fotyga. The successor was sought for half a year. It means that for so long we did not have a permanent representative to the EU. The then Polish President contributed to this situation since at all costs he wanted to find someone from his close environment.

This time it does not have to be like that. The natural candidate is Mikolaj Dowgielewicz who is competent and, as far as he could, he successfully managed the Polish Presidency. In the country he will waste his talent and if he stays there for longer, he risks a clash with his boss Radoslaw Sikorski. Among the candidates, some people mention Pawel Swieboda, who in 2006 left the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, when it became clear that there was no meaningful work for him.

The protection period for Poland is coming to an end. For the next 2-3 months we will enjoy the remains of honours of the Polish Presidency, but then the prose of life will begin. The prose full of ideas and concepts, because after all, some people remember Tusk’s and Sikorski’s speeches from the time of the Presidency…

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