Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Since his famous speech in Berlin, Minister Sikorski has disappeared. Neither good, nor bad news. And things are happening.
Apparently the whole concept of joining the fiscal treaty went to hell. But the MPs in the Polish parliament remained silent on this fact when the Minister summed up the Polish Presidency. The Presidency in which he was actually not involved since Prime Minister was always accompanied by Mikolaj Dowgielewicz.

Now the Minister is returning like a comet. Again, he wants to demolish the Palace of Culture in Warsaw. He is dreaming of a central park in this place.

The inspiration is obvious. Anyone who has been to New York is impressed by the brilliant green oasis in the middle of the urban juggernaut. Except that the authorities of New York, 160 years ago when they came up with this idea, arranged more than 300h of wasteland inhabited by refugees. Nothing was demolished, but something was created. And here lies the difference.
If Sikorski thought like real Americans, he would have suggested an appropriate place for such park to be created. Well, but this idea would probably not break into the media.

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