Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Yesterday in the European Parliament’s plenary room everyone agreed in one case – they praised Viktor Orban’s decision to arrive in an emergency mode to Strasbourg. But then, there were only differences.

It has been known for a long time that the right wing, with some reservations, but generally accepts Prime Minister’s policy. From liberals to socialists the critics are very strong. Orban knew about it and he came to Strasbourg to slightly relieve the tensions. He did not withdraw any of his proposals and actions, but he declared what the European Union likes the most – the protection of minorities and his contribution to the fight against communism (he is not bothered though by the fact that some of his former comrades are against him today). So we have a situation where the democracy in Hungary is choked with a silk scarf. I fact, he does not eliminate any institutions. He only restricts the field of action to the independent people and introduces his own people among them.

Behind the scenes, a question was raised: Is Orban able to step back after the European Commission’s intervention? After all, there are legal proceedings that can be completed at the Court of Justice. My answer is yes – he will make slight corrections to his actions and he will tell Europe to be happy because it could always be worse.

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  1. Prime Minister Orban has charisma, which not only defends its controversial
    Decisions what gives him the strength to take them. His party has a large
    internship on stage Political Hungary (25 years). I think the last few years of being
    in opposition (2002 – 2010) increased to be more popular person. I do not like
    his politics about filling positions in the major institutions and offices in the state.

  2. Victor Orban showed us that democracy is not a blessing which somebody gave us forever. S&D should fight for liberty, equality and fraternity in Hungary. Cause who if not you?

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