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It seems that the Polish government got lost in the case of ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement). Yesterday morning the government’s spokesman Pawel Gras in a nonchalant way announced that here were no hack attacks against government’s websites. But facts that discredit the government will soon reach the Polish public opinion. Here they are:

• October 2007 – USA, EU, Japan and Switzerland start negotiations on ACTA (soon joined by other counties: Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, Jordan, Morocco, Singapore, UAE and Canada)
• October 2010 – work on ACTA is completed (in the same year WikiLeaks publishes the text of the agreement)
• December 16, 2011 – The EU Council chaired by Poland adopts the content of ACTA. The EU official document informs laconically about this fact on page 43 of a press release on agriculture and fisheries
• November 25, 2011 – Council of Ministers adopts a resolution granting consent for the signing of ACTA by Poland
• January 26, 2012 – planned date for signing the agreement by Poland.

The scale of the problem is reaching the Polish decision-makers very slowly and the chaos is increased by confusion in competences. The negotiations were held by the Minister of Economy, while the Minister of Culture is in charge of the implementation of the agreement but Minister of Administration and Digitalization Michal Boni feels responsible for it as a whole. He reassures the public, saying that although the government adopted a resolution to grant consent for signing, but “Mr. Prime Minister has not so far signed the authorization to sign this document”???!!! Minister Boni also apologized for the lack of public consultations and grieved over this fact. Moreover, he would like to check whether there is a chance for individual Polish scenario of the implementation of this agreement.

The government has little room to manoeuvre. If they sign the agreement, they will validate the whole organizational mess. If they do not sign it, it will turn out that the negotiators had no idea what they agreed on.
I am preparing necessary steps in this case at the European Parliament. The experiences of recent years are not bad. The agreement on exchange of personal data, which was written by the European Commission under the dictation of the Americans, flew in the air. In its place appeared a better agreement, which we adopted.

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  1. From time to time, Prime Minister Tusk and his government public relations is not good enough. Sometimes they are not able to hide under it. The government didn’t realize how problem it is.
    Awakening was late, and now there is no sleep when!

  2. I think that the Polish government at the head of Tusk, with ACTA they want to divert attention from the larger society issues that concern them. They should better take care of things that really are important and needed.

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