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The Polish government stubbornly insists on ACTA. The Prime Minister has already tasted strong words during the football war, smart drugs war, etc., and he wants to play in a similar style in the case of ACTA.

Each day brings a new embarrassment. Today you can see a list composed of dozens of social organisations that were consulted on the agreement. They all represent artists and protect their rights. It is more or less as if while changing the conditions of animal slaughter you asked for opinion butchers but not animals…

Meantime, it could and still can be different. After all, ACTA gives possibility of a more radical execution of law but does not force to do so. I applies not only to the Internet but to all counterfeits – pants, trousers, sneakers, watches, etc. But no one speak about it with the Poles.

The government is stubborn. So are the people. As a rule, in such a confrontation both parties lose, but only one pays the political price.

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  1. My profs on the University always said that we- young people are too lazy for fight with government, injustice, our rights. Maybe it was true but “thank God” we have Tusk- he is a wizard, he put us in a hat and take out the revolutionary generation. It’s so magical.

  2. It seems that Poland will sign an agreement ACTA. Boni asked the Minister whether
    there is a chance that it did not answer: “I ​​think it is a little too late … Poland participates in it since 2008. “This I ask why the mobilization was the eleventh hour? Had the Polish government since 2008 had more important things to type – compliance with the pre-election promises! Or maybe considered that it will be difficult to get along with animals!

  3. We live in a democratic country, and someone behind us trying to tie our hands !!!!!! This is attack on our freedom!! Violation of the Constitution, human rights – only in this situations our eyes open up and we see with whom we deal !!!!!!

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