Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

As you all know, every year politicians, journalists and capitalists meet in Davos. The capitalists, the richest and most influential ones, are among the best represented. Since four years they have been trying to find an answer on what to do with the ongoing economic crisis.

During this time almost everyone was condemned – bankers, managers, incompetent politicians, Chinese workers (underpaid), Greek (overpaid), George W. Bush, Angela Merkel, rating agencies. And nothing.

So how to save the capitalism? Not the market economy, but simply – capitalism? We will hear and see. But I don’t believe in wonderful recipes.

Wise men taking part in the discussions are presenting things which are obvious enough to be useless. For example: “Capitalism has survived and flourished because it is constantly reformed and responsible for the illnesses of time.” Okay, so why does the capitalism not respond to the current situation? Next: “The economy is too big to be saved in its entirety.” If so, what should collapse? And the third quote: “Now the capitalism must mean the withdrawal of the power from business.” Okay, to whom shall we give the power? Etc., etc.

Solution has to be found now, before it’s too late, but on the daily bases you won’t see a great concern on the faces of people gathered in Davos. Just another meeting.

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