Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

The worst that could happen at today’s summit on the fiscal pact, would be either a total success of Poland, or a complete failure.

A total success (they invite us, we sign, Sarkozy smiles) would give a reason for fanfare and an evidence of our country’s powerfulness and and its enlightened leadership. But this is not true. In turn, a lack of Polish signature under the treaty would be the actual exclusion of the country from the hard core of the Union. Probably Jaroslaw Kaczynski would then be rubbing his hands and, who knows, maby he would even praise the Prime Minister!

There is probably a room for a third solution – neither at the table, nor on the menu, but for example in the kitchen. This is a good place, because although you cannot nibble, but at least you can learn how meals are prepared.

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  1. Maybe in the “kitchen” they can learn a lot, but there the EU players don’t
    look in it! Science alone is not the same as among Sarkozy and Mercel. A not
    today known that in the group is always better.

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