Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

In France we can observe a political campaign, in which strange things happen. Nicolas Sarkozy has two major rivals. These are François Hollande and Marine Le Pen. Studies show that the representative of the Socialists is slightly winning (over 20%), Sarkozy is just behind him, and a little further – Le Pen from the far-right National Front.

The current President more or less from the beginning has started running a reasonable campaign, which means that he broke with theatrical gestures and began to talk about the real problems of the French. Too late though, according to specialists.

Everything indicates that the first round of the elections will not be decisive. So what can happen in the second one? If there are Hollande and Sarkozy, then the Socialist can be sure that none of the representatives of the extreme left will not give their vote to the current President. Sarkozy, in turn, will certainly not get votes from Marine Le Pen. Holland would therefore have a serious chance to win.

Hollande will be soon hosted in Poland at a debate organized by Gazeta Wyborcza. There will be therefore an opportunity to hear about his vision of Europe, and we know already that we do not like Sarkozy’s vision at all. But Donald Tusk will have a problem since the loyalty within the EPP will oblige him to support Sarkozy while Hollande would be probably a better partners for making deals.

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  1. Everything seems to indicate that Sarkozy’s style of politics is not good
    enough! Putting their views over the heads of the partners, acrimony and criticism
    often without inhibitions against other leaders or countries do not convince
    French people. It is true that there is not yet settled. However, the information
    circulating on the network indicating that the certainty of victory is decreasing even in the
    consciousness of the Sarkozy. Doubt not mobilize!

  2. Mr Sarkozy is not beaten yet. Don’t forget the French are extremely conservative – despite all the noise made by the left with references to the Revolution, 1968 and all that. The right have been in power for the last 17 years! The extreme right represents about 25% of voters – the same as in Vichy France! Sarkozy will use every trick to discredit his rivals and expose their weaknesses. But it is the desire for CHANGE that should oust Sarkozy and his clique. No one believes that the Socialists will actually return to retirement at 60 … but they love to hear the old rhetoric and dream the socialist dream. They might just make it…

  3. The French, I think are tired of Sarkozy, but I would say those who do not support the far right are also afraid of it. So if in a – highly probable – second round it will be Sarkozy and Le Pen who will ‘compete’, it is quite possible that Sarkozy would come out victorious.

    Also, the victory of the right wing in a country where there are so many immigrantswould surely cause uncertainty and discomfort the least!

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