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The internet users from Poland did not agree to participate in the Prime Minister’s “show-off”. They demand that the Civic Platform take a political stance, which means that they want Poland to have a possibility to withdraw from the ACTA agreement. They do not want to be a “fig leaf” to decisions taken previously. Since they are well educated people, they do not demand, however, what seems to be an obvious matter.

Since the beginning of this crisis, ministers have expressed contradictory views, sometimes saying complete nonsense. So has Prime Minister himself. Someone should take responsibility for this mess, someone should apologise and this is a necessary condition, though not sufficient to sit down together at the table.

Meanwhile, Donald Tusk does not see such a need. He has simply changed his mind and he wants to talk. The debate proposed by the government is like if one gave aspirin to a patient sick with pneumonia. While what he rally needs is a hospital and an antibiotic.

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  1. Prime Minister Tusk is trying to save and he is open for debate. Internet
    users want to debate, but the debate held in this mode are not satisfied
    with them – and good! Sure, if Internet users do not show up at the debate
    were the Prime Minister will announce – I wanted but they did not! Trying to
    calm the conflict (as the government assumes) the scale of dissatisfaction
    is growing among the opponents of ACTA. Stagnation time is over! ‘Platforma
    Obywatelska” is going into a time of recession!

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