Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

The nationalist Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) launched a website on which they collect complaints about the bad Poles disturbing the peace and prosperity of the Dutch. The idea is stupid because on the Internet you can anonymously enter any nonsense and the legal party’s seal will accredit it. I do not think the idea is worthy of the highest Polish authorities’ fury because its risk is small. The Dutch are a very peaceful nation and deserve a different reaction.

Here is my suggestion – “Good Dutchman”. I encourage the Poles, Bulgarians, Romanians and others who have visited this country and know its people, to write in comments under this entry 2-3 sentences about their experiences. I believe that the vast majority of them is positive. Let’s put together those who think positively about each other against those who want to glorify the stench.
Here is my first comment:

I came to the Netherlands in 1975. I was hitchhiking, and in places where I couldn’t do it – I was cycling. At the entrance to highway cars were not allowed to stop. So I got caught by the police, fined (5 guilders) and taken together with the bike in a place where it was possible to thumb a ride.

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  1. The Dutch may be a very loud, stubborn and know-it-all bunch (at least compared to the Belgians), but to be honest doing business with them is the best in the world. What a Dutchman promises, he will always deliver. They are very tough negotiators, but once you have a deal with them, you will get value for your money for sure. This trustworthiness is the same in friendships, they may tell you things you do not want to hear, but they will stand by you when you are in need. All my Dutch (and Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, etc) friends are great people!!! Thanks for this initiative Mr Siwiec!

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