Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Today Ukraine is not the favorite subject of interest for the EU. After having freezed the association agreement both parties remain discreetly silent, which does not mean, however, that nothing is happening.

President Yanukovych understood this annoying fact that half a year before the parliamentary elections he had scored three defeats. There is no new price for gas from Russia, there is no association and free trade agreement with the European Union, there is no agreement with the International Monetary Fund.

Ukraine is about to buy in spring its own bonds worth 13.5 billion dollars, and without external assistance it wouldn’t work. Someone has to answer to this situation. According to the rules of politics it will be the Prime Minister. We will probably see the change of government this spring.

Among the candidates for Azarov’s succession we have Sergei Tihipko. But he will not accept to be a puppet, because his political ambitions go much further than just the elections. As for now, the Minister of Finance has changed. “Young, gifted” Choroszkowski is about to show the world that the situation is under control and it is worth investing in a country on the Dnieper.

What can effectively and genuinely improve the situation is the creation of a gas consortium with Russia and the EU. The gas will be cheaper perhaps, but the structural price of this situation will be very high.

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  1. At first there were hopes and emotions during the Orange Revolution. In 2007
    was an encouragement award and if Ukraine and Poland were the hosts of EURO
    2012. It would seem that the material to build ties with the EU has been delivered!
    Only problem is with the builder’s skills without which the economy of
    Ukraine will develop dynamically.
    President Yanukovych may have other interests? Or land for construction in
    the West is worse than the East? Only in the West willing to help 27
    builders, and to the east just one construction manager. What would be like
    to rebel and stop to help?

  2. There is not a chance Tygypko will become the Prime-Minister, not because he is not willing
    ‘to accept the role of puppet’ (what he precisely did time ago); the spot is for ‘the family boys’.

    The last priority for the ‘young, gifted’ Putin’s trusted man will be to secure investing in ‘a country on the Dnieper’ – in fact, he was played out of a much more valuable spot at the Security Service vacating it for yet another ‘Papa’s boys’.

    The place is being cleared out for the unambiguous allegiance to ‘Papa’, the rest are to face gradual ‘will you just..’

    Rules of politics are so much differen east of Poland )

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