Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

The European diplomacy, created with difficulties, finally goes into its own headquarters. It occupies a seven-floor modern building near the Schuman roundabout. 1,300 employees, led by Lady Ashton, are moving to a 50 000 m2 place rented from a company AXA for “only” 12 million euro per year. The building will integrate the service, although several hundred persons responsible for military planning, intelligence and working in a crisis center, will stay in a specially protected building near the royal military school.

From now on, one will know exactly where to address complaints about the quality of the service’s actions. For those interested, here is the address: Avenue de Cortenbergh 1, 1000 Brussels.

PS: It is good that the Prime Minister has withdrawn from ACTA. But when I think about the fact that for 5 years, at all stages of the negotiations, until the end – the signature, there was no single official who warned the Prime Minister of the embarrassment, I get really annoyed. He gave the alibi to his people because he stuck to this absurd stubbornness. Today for a public scandal he cannot fire even one official.

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