Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

As everyone knows, the xenophobic website of the Dutch Party for Freedom has been widely condemned. Many countries did it through their ambassadors, so did the European parliament and the UE Commissioner on justice Viviane Reding. A minority of the protesters, myself included, decided to conquer evil with good. Rather then resent Geert Wilders’ rudeness, I praise the Dutch as a wise nation.

Within the full landscape of protest there is also an original initiative of two members of the European Parliament from the European People’s Party – Jacek Saryusz-Wolski (Poland) and Sebastian Bodu (Romania). This rather original coalition called for a boycott of good from the Netherlands. Hooray! The idea is first-rate but the action “Boycott the Dutch” may end with a dud.

I mean this: instead of Shell we can refuel at BP, instead of Lipton we can drink another tea, but what to do with a cold pint of Zywiec, which belongs to Heneken? And the problem does not end here. As you know, more than a half of world export of flowers, including carnations, come from the Netherlands. Well, how will the brave MEPs tell the wrong flowers from the right ones on March 8? And what if traditional tights enclosed to the flower on that day will be brought by Dutch trucks that circulate in Europe en masse.

The boycott could also badly affect the diet of MEPs. After all, they work in Brussels and most of fish and seafood arrives here from the neighbouring Netherlands. So it appears that the first victims of the boycott will be… the authors of the idea!

But seriously speaking – Wilders himself is not bothered with the protests at all. Each day he receives on his website 10 000 entries and turns up the tension. It is noteworthy that in the neighbouring Belgium work around the same number of Poles as in the Netherlands. In identical social conditions the presence of Polish people does not cause any problems. But it is like that when you release a genie from the bottle…

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  1. What about some realism thrown in? The reality is that there is a small group of young, single east european men working on a temporary base in the Netherlands who have no manners and no courtesy, once drunk and drugged up. Just as almost always young single men from anywhere else that come for a -good time- to Holland. And the Dutch will have to live with that, because this would not lead to such excesses if liquor and drugs laws were stricter.

    However, it is my personal experience that SOME of them (only a couple out of the thousands of east european workers in my regio) become like wild beasts once on their weekend sprays. I myself live above a shop in a small village where quite a few seasonal workers live, and have had vomit, excrements, ladies underwear, broken glass at the doorsteps. Even worse, some lunatic hand- smeared excrements all over the glass windows. Not a nice sight to wake up to….

    On the other hand, we have too an ongoing terror for years and years, where LOCAL youth by bike on their way to the next pub kick off rearview mirrors. And those are dutch kids… not interested at all at a cost of up to 400 euro per mirror for replacement.

    In both case parents are just as much at fault, but for east european guests I can imagine that the liberty of otherwise illegal or hard to come by substances is like being a kid in a candyshop. The dutch kids on the other hand are just damagind for fun. totally irresponsible, arrogant and not caring one bit they always get away with it. After untold requests to police, who has not done anything yet, I give more credit to the East european than to our local youth.

    But in both cases there are only one or two who spoil it fo rthe rest.

    So, what to do?

    The only solution it seems, is peer guidance, control and correction. Bringing awareness to who they are portaying to be and what legacy they leave behind in their stupor acts of proving themself to their peers, releasing inner frustration of having to work in a strange country, or simply having something to do as other young single dislocated men would do in their time off..

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