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Tough verdict

Yuriy Lutsenko has been in jail for over a year. His face is remarkable because he was one of the personages of the Orange Revolution. At the Maidan everyone knew him as he was responsible for “order and security”. Then he became part of the “orange” rules. Recently he was interior minister.

Saying that this character is controversial is not enough. Lutsenko was located at the radical side of the opponents of the “blue”. When he spoke about today’s Ukraine leaders, he used blunt and not always parliamentary expressions. He has also become famous as the author of several scandals, including the indecent at the Frankfurt airport. The minister was late for the plane and, apparently being under the influence of alcohol, he caused a scene.

When the new government was formed, Lutsenko has landed in jail being charged of corruption. I put in a word for him before the competent court so that he could be released pending trial. However, my request was ignored. Yesterday Lutsenko was sentenced. Four years in prison without suspension. That is a lot in realities of any country. Especially that for three years he will not be able to have any function in the party and, what is more, his property has been confiscated.

If one had to find Lucenko’s real guilt among all the media and propaganda allegations, it would be only the fact that as the interior minister he hired his friend as a driver. Strangely, the driver was recognised as having a higher education, even though he did not have it, thanks to which he obtained an officer degree. This entitled him to a decent pension.

The offence is evident but generally after considering this sort of abuse, those found guilty have to return money and lose their position to compensate for the loss. As you can see, not this time.

I did not mention these facts in order to argue with the judgement of the Ukrainian court. It is independent. But it does not change the fact that the Ukrainian street sees a political revenge in the way Lucenko has been treated.

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  1. I can fully agree with position of mr. Siwiec, that mr. Lutsenko is not an innocent but the verdict is too taugh!!!

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