Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Drama over Iran’s nuclear program takes place on three stages. First stage refers to the two capital cities – Jerusalem and Washington. Signals from there are clear. Israel is willing to use force, and Washington will not be able to resist. What will happen next? It is not known, but the Israelis believe that the alternative to their resolute action is a threat to the existence of their state.

Tehran is the second scene. And no good news from there. President Ahmadinejad was outplayed, in the last parliamentary election, by religious leaders, who are even more radical and certainly will not end Iran’s nuclear program.

The third stage is the European Union. Here the atmosphere is a bit warmer. Cathy Ashton announced yesterday that the EU Member States are ready to join the negotiations of last resort, but on condition that a deadline for their completion will be specified. Which means that Iran will not play for time.

I do not believe in these negotiations, but it’s better than the remaining at impasse. The current proposal of the European Union differs from the preceding one in one point: in the middle of this year an embargo on Iranian oil will be introduced. So at the end of the year everything will be clear. We’ll find out who won the election in the United States, how effective was the ban on imports of oil and when the room for maneuver for the international community will be very limited.

But this is only in a few months.

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