Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

In Washington Benjamin Netanyahu apparently was to ask the Americans for bombs deeply penetrating the targets before the explosion. Apparently, it was in exchange for the promise of not using them until the end of 2012. No one knows how it was exactly but what is important is what Netanyahu did not hear – there was no outright ban on the use of force pronounced by the Americans.

The second stage. In Europe, the leading politicians are beginning to write screenplays “the day after”. The British Foreign Secretary William Hague is considering the similarities between the armed Iran and the European Cold War. He rightly notes that in Europe there was at least a system of arm control and peace agreements and scientists, not salesmen, worked on the arsenals. It is true, and in addition it can be said that in Europe the superpowers guaranteed the lack of nuclear aspirations of the satellite states. However, there are more differences. Iran promises to aim its new weapon at Israel but everybody knows that it will threaten also the enemy number 2 – Saudi Arabia, as well as oil supplies market. Iran with nuclear weapons does not have to be the reason of a cold war in the region. After all, the country has sponsored for years the military organisations Hamas and Hezbollah, which have shown more than once that they can attack even without the nuclear umbrella.

And the third stage. Iranian warships have entered the Mediterranean Sea. This show is supposed to convince us that Iran is closer to Europe than we think. Very well.

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