Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

We hear a lot about the rivalry between the continents, especially in the context of the new players. The Chinese economy is already ahead of Japan, Turkey is chasing Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, etc., etc. Somewhere in the background of the struggle for money, the problem of armament appears.

This year, for the first time, Asia will overtake Europe in this field. Information is symbolic (the Chinese defense budget is growing faster than GDP and has reached 106 billion dollars) and has only one drawback. This is untrue. Asia was ahead of us long time ago and the error comes from the method of calculation of the Chinese defense budget, which is consuming about 1/3 of Asian spending (270 billion U.S. dollars, for comparison- the United States spends 693 billion). The Middle Kingdom, the model of centrally planned economies, places everything that relates to research, modernization programs, space program in other fields of budget rather than in the defense budget. That is why we can add to the modest 106 billion another 54 billion.

We can say – what does it mean for us? China will not attack us. Probably not, but on the occasion of the armament an incredibly powerful modernization is created, which will become an instrument of technology. The most up-to-date technology. Only then we Europeans, we will feel all the consequences of the economic crisis, which supposedly justifies disarmament in Europe.

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  1. Most of political scientists told a long time ago that China is going to be world power. They move forward every day. Now they are moving their companies to India, cause employees are more cheaper there. China is definitely one of the biggest players on political scene of world.

  2. Germany has a small war budget and the most upfront development .The right way is smaller army: Costa Rica has no army forces and is a very developded country in Latin America from where we only talk about the others with big war budgets.

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