Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

There is a problem

Three quarters of Europe and the Polish media have gotten accustomed to the fact that our continent is ruled by the right wing and that it won’t change. An excellent illustration of this thesis was the recent visit of François Hollande in Warsaw, completely unnoticed by the Polish media. Well, after all there is no reason to support the French socialist… And even a greater problem appears after the elections in Slovakia. Robert Fico outclassed his rivals and won a majority that will enable him to govern alone.

When I read the comments in today’s press, I just loose my patience. It turns out that Fico is so strong that he can govern as Orban. He is also a populist, because he intends to increase bank taxes, and even if he is 48 he has managed to be a communist in the past! Somewhere in the background you can decipher that he is a doctor of law, and when he was prime minister for the first time, he didn’t liquidate any of the liberal reforms in the economy and led his country into the euro zone. But hey! After all Fico loves luxury and used to wear expensive watches!

If the signals from Slovakia will be understood in this way in our country, the Poles will never understand what really happened there. Fico defined a leftist prescription for the crisis that engulfed the country and people believed him.

Fico has another quality rarely discussed in Poland. He is loyal to his friends. All the Members of the European Parliament, who worked with him, can only speak well of him. Unfortunately, it’s not a case in Poland.

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