Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

In Strasbourg it’s almost spring. It is still not green, but much warmer than in Poland. And in the European Parliament it is even hot.

Nicolas Sarkozy was the first target of parliamentary attacks. His idea of France withdrawing from Schengen area provoked disgust of some of the MEPs and the mockery among others. There was even an idea that if the passport controls were reintroduced at the border, we, the MEPs, wouldn’t have to go to Strasbourg anymore, because these exotic documents are already forgotten in the EU!

Next case: Belarus and Kazakhstan. The EP decided to condemn the way in which the opposition is treated in Kazachstan. In December 2011, in Zhanaozen, 17 people were killed and 110 wounded. Another parliamentary attack is directed to Israel which has recently liquidated two Palestinian television stations. Although in this case, the Parliament follows the worst practices. The EP’s knowledge of the events is based only on Palestinian sources.

Meanwhile …

Life writes an unexpected chapter to the history of “Europe’s battle with the global warming.” Since January 2012, a new climate directive treats the planes flying over Europe in the same way as chimneys emitting CO2. Everything works when we take into consideration the European planes. Problems begin when it comes to Russia, the United States and China. They just do not want to pay. But they have no instruments to avoid the payment imposed by the “Emission Trading System”. They can stop to fly, but this variant is not an option. The reaction of the new Chinese Ambassador to the EU, Mr. Wu Hailong was definitely the most original. Well, he announced that the Chinese renounced to purchase 35 Airbus A330, and that the purchase of 10 Airbus A380 is highly endangered. Of course these are sovereign decisions of air carriers and the government does not have anything to do with!

This example shows how easily the EU can drive itself into a corner. At least let’s hope that this will help to stop the climate change…

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