Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Mr Prime Minister Donald Tusk has fulfilled another pre-election promise. He announced that the Polish-Lithuanian relations would be such as it is evaluated by the Polish community living in Lithuania. And the word became flesh. The relations of Poland with Lithuania are terrible and the Poles are taking to the streets in protest marches.

The Polish authorities have chosen the strategy of wait-and-see. But the problem is that the time does not play to our advantage. One day somebody will decide to introduce a new law and the problem will start again. It does not seem either that Poland calls on Brussels for help. Besides, maybe somebody rightly noted that in similar cases the EU takes the side of the smaller one (Lithuania).

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  1. How big is the polish minority in Lithuania?
    Regarding the UE I agree with you – they did not seem to care or worry either about the Hungarian-Slovakian relations in Fico’s time…

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