Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Polish Minister Radoslaw Sikorski asked with a dramatic tone in the newspaper Le Monde why the European political class criticises Victor Orban and forgives his socialist predecessor. By the way, he explicitly supports the Hungarian leader and his politics, citing, among others, the 1,000 years of history and common kings.

Before the Polish Foreign Minister will hear a response from his French partner, I would like to remind him of a few facts. Orban is criticised for dominating all the state institutions, the judiciary, the nationalism in politics and several other cases. What is more, the EU does not like the state debt and therefore withheld a part of the grant to Hungary.

In Polish politics Sikorski says what is on his mind. But at the Vistula it is not appropriate to say some things. The first one who announced his love to Hungarian Prime Minister was Jaroslaw Kaczynski, but the dream about Orban’s regime is also present in the Civic Platform. It is good to know that when you listen to the Polish ruling party preaching the thesis of dialogue, understanding and respect for partners.

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