Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

When you read today’s press releases you can have the impression that the matter concerns the unification of Korea, peace in the Middle East or Ossetia’s annexation to Georgia.

– The leaders met formally
– Negotiations have started
– There was a long crisis in the negotiations
– For the whole time secret negotiations lasted
– The leaders turned to their “management” for the power of attorney for further negotiations
– Today, the leaders are to occur at a joint press conference and announce the success achieved through a hard work

But the thing is that the matter does not concern the world issues mentioned at the beginning, only pensions in Poland. Those leaders have co-formed the government for five years. One of them is the Prime Minister, the other one – Deputy Prime Minister. So they can meet wherever they want, when they want as long as they want and their “managements” do not question their position. There is therefore a chance for the end of the little spectacle.

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