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Euronest in Baku

The Euronest Parliamentary Assembly has been created as an idea for a closer binding of the six countries of the Eastern Partnership with the European Union, and specifically with our parliaments. It took a long time but today finally for the first time we meet at a plenary session outside the EU – in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Landing at 4 am and the trip to the hotel do not give much chance to evaluate the city but if I had to express my opinion, Baku is more like Dubai than the periphery of the former Soviet Union. I think of this city in a particular way because I was there as a student activist in the late 70s…

The company at today’s plenary is fairly impressive. There are almost 40 Members of the European Parliament. There are also representatives of all the partner delegations, except for Belarus, of course. Among them, which was not that obvious, there will be also the delegation from the neighbouring Armenia – a country with which Azerbaijan is at war, and this is not a cold war. Every now and then in Nagorno-Karabakh people dye and Azerbaijan through its top leaders defines Armenia as an enemy. Armenia even withdrew its representatives from the Eurovision Song Contest, which this year will be held in Baku.

There is therefore an explosive potential in the Euronest. But – as it is usually with explosions – a well targeted potential might cause something positive.

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