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I owe my readers a summary of the Euronest session which took place this week in Baku.

We adopted all planned documents, although the discussion was not very lively. Euronest took over the mechanical procedure of the European Parliament and the real dispute was going on outside the plenary room, or it was simply avoided.

The four adopted resolutions contain a set of general postulates on which everyone agreed, with the tacit assumption that some partners will meet them, and the others will not. The subject that caused tensions was Nagorno-Karabakh. The hosts raised the issue of occupation of this territory by Armenia, attacking the Armenians in every speech, and they did the same. Fortunately there were no such gestures as leaving the room.

Let me remind that in 1923 the USSR created on this territory an Armenian autonomous area but it was incorporated to the Republic of Azerbaijan. When Armenia and Azerbaijan gained independence, as a result of military actions Armenians took over the territory and so it is today.


Baku abounds in wealth – at least some of its inhabitants and the representational space. The city has elegant buildings which become its architectural showpiece. The elegant architecture was created there in tsarist times with money from oil and the USSR did not manage to break it. Prosperity ends in the depths of the city but Azeris live better than many of the inhabitants of the former Soviet Union.


During our meeting suddenly the case of Yulia Tymoshenko came out. European People’s Party, or actually its Polish part, has prepared a resolution which was presented at the last moment. The topic has sparked controversies not because we have different views on the sentence and treatment of Yulia Tymoshenko, but because the European Parliament had many times taken position on this issue. And the partners from Eastern countries did not have a special desire to interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine. Ultimately, the project was supported by 40 MEPs, there were 20 abstentions (mainly socialists, including myself) and 20 people, mostly from the Eastern countries, did not vote. With this resolution in hands Pawel Kowal went to visit the imprisoned former Prime Minister.

PS Happy Easter to readers, editors and bloggers!

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  1. Dear Mr Siewec,
    What do you think about sence in the contacts with MPs from countries like Azerbaijan or Ukraine, where the national parliaments look like formal institutions without any influence in decision-making process and are just an instruments to implement the decisions of authoritarian leaders?

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