Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

In Belarus it is like in the old joke when the Jew came to the rabbi to complain about the very small one-room house. The rabbi told him to buy a goat and everyone knows what happened next.

Lukashenko plays similarly. After winning “elections” he put in prisons several hundreds people and today he releases some of them. It that a policy change? No, the policy is the same because he pardoned the people that he previously sent to jail. Lukashenko just wants the EU ambassadors to return to Minsk and hence gestures, and not a policy change.

By the way we will see how coherent the EU policy is. When recently the list of people banned from traveling to the West was expanded, Slovenia fought until the last minute for deletion from it of one businessman who works closely with this country.

And one more thing. I wish that all those who called for withdrawal of Belarusian ice hockey world championship in 2014 make a brief report of their self-efficiency.

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