Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

There is going to be a pretty good scene in the European Parliament. This week we will be discussing and voting on the agreement between the European Union and the United States on the use of Passenger Name Record (PNR).

The subject is not new because such an agreement has worked since 2007. Americans have been receiving all the information that facilitated the catching of potential terrorists, a total of nearly 20 items. Among them: travel itinerary, information about tickets, baggage, seat number, payment information, accompanying persons and some other obvious ones as the name. In 2010 the European Parliament demanded a negotiation of a new version of the agreement, which was to create a guarantee that data will be protected as required by European law. The agreement was initialled one year later and now it is to be approved or not by the EP. And there arouse a dispute.

Many MEPs think that the agreement does not meet the European standards, while others cite its efficiency (the number of arrested criminals estimated to be hundreds of people). So let’s argue.

My political group is divided and I support this agreement. What helps me to make this decision is the fact that even if the EP rejects it, Americans will start communicating with individual states or directly with the airlines and then there will be no negotiations, just a simple dictum: in exchange for information we will give you the entrance on the market.

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