Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

The Polish history after 1989 is very much bound up with the countries that emerged after the transition in Central and Eastern Europe. We cared about good relations with our neighbours, repeatedly boasting about the fact that all the neighbours were new and we did not have any serious conflict with any of them. Something is changing in this area. The example of Lithuania and the evident coldness is very characteristic.

The Polish authorities have recognised that they can condescend to the Lithuanians. The famous declaration of the Prime Minister that the relations with Lithuania will be determined by the local Polish community, was followed by gestures and counter-gestures. I wonder whether the Polish President is satisfied to hear the Lithuanian partner saying that she did not come to Warsaw before the NATO summit because decisions are made in Washington. In a moment it will turn out that the proud Poland withdraws from patrolling the Lithuanian airspace and in this place will be someone else, such as the Norwegians.

This mechanism works even more acutely in the European Union. Poland is struggling to maintain the Cohesion Fund, which will give us a chance to complete infrastructure projects. The country fights, however, the more and more alone. The Baltic states do not support us. Romania and Bulgaria have other problems (Schengen), the Czechs speak the language of the net payers (?) and on our side so far is Slovakia…

In relations with Lithuania, Poland goes down a blind alley. We assumed that we must force our reasons and yet it appears that the small one finds support much easier than we thought, and not necessarily in Moscow.

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