Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

No, this time I will not write about Yulia Tymoshenko and Ukraine. Another Julia just invaded the election in the US. And more precisely – 12 Julias. This is the number of images of women included in The Life of Julia, which Barack Obama presents to voters.

Looking at the individual images in white background you can find out how the good President Obama makes women’s life easier. Below, in the dark, you learn how Mitt Romney wants this life to be more difficult.

The described cartoon shows how much the “women’s issue” is important in this campaign. Watching American television, I can conclude that this year’s presidential election will be decided by women and youth. Yesterday Mitt Romney accompanied by his wife visited the enterprising ladies in Virginia. This morning President Obama in the same state, in Arlington, will talk to teen girls (voters) on the credit facilitation for their education. We can say – both images are very socialist.

Mitt Romney takes the campaign very seriously. He has already spent over $ 46 million for 81 000 polling spots, leading a fratricidal fight in the primaries. He has a lot of money – the old Bush’s team (Karl Rove) took care of it. Obama starts his campaign only now. Until then he did not have to fight. He was present on the screen as the President but he published 24 000 paid advertisement anyway.

Generally, if we were to leave the traditional campaign and trust only the tweeting community, Obama would have won the election already last week. During this time more than 200 thousand people responded to his posts while to Romney’s ones – only 134 thousand.

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