Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

The cancellation of summit in Yalta is painful for Ukraine. It is a warning before diplomatic isolation. It is not a boycott yet, but it is already an affront. Those who determine standards in this case are the people who did not want to come, and not those who wanted. The only positive thing about this situation is that we avoided a public plebiscite on which president is good, and which one is bad.

For Poland this situation is particularly troublesome. We must make every effort make sure that this affront, which Poland has not joined, will not inspire the EU countries for similar actions in the future. If it happened, the situation would be dangerous because we can clearly see that the Polish interests at this stage are different from the interests of e.g. Germany.

When I write about 50 days I mean dozens of matches and the days which precede them. What do I mean exactly? Will the Polish President invite Mr Yanukovych to Warsaw? (With all its consequences). Will the Polish Prime Minister accept the invitation from his partner Azarov to take part e.g. in the final in Kiev? And then – what will happen if during a match, gentlemen (not necessarily invited) meet and do not intend to shake hands?

The case is very serious and ahead of Poland there is the hardest piece of football diplomacy. A very specific one. When Foreign Minister will return from his important Asian travels, he should immediately inform his bosses who will participate in which matches and when. There is no place for improvisation here.

Since the Polish policy at this stage of “the crisis around Yulia Tymoshenko” has been determined – and it is not a boycott of its own event – then we need to choose appropriate instruments for its implementation. And this requires finesse and speed.

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