Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

The last two weeks were full of discussions about who and how would boycott Ukraine. We found out who did not go to Yalta and who would not participate in the matches. We were even close to the situation in which the European Union would take the position of call for a boycott.

Today’s International Herald Tribune on page 4 published a big picture and article about the NATO summit. In the picture side by side in absolute harmony sit the representatives of the US (Obama), UK (Cameron), Ukraine (Yanukovych), Turkey (Erdogan), etc. So if it comes to the serious interests, the propensity for stupidity is much smaller.

Today in the European Parliament we will discuss the Ukrainian case. You can expect a repeat of all the wise and less wise ideas. On Thursday we will vote on a resolution on this. I do not expect a call for boycott but in my speech I will say what I think about it.

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